Frequently asked questions

I've used a network doctor or dentist. How do I claim?

Good news - you dont have to do anything! The doctor or dentist will send us the claim directly and we will pay them.

I did NOT use a network doctor/dentist. What do I do now?

The claim will not be valid and NO payout will take place

How do I activate a AMBULANCE

1. Pre-Authorisation If you are involved in a road or home accident phone 0861 333 621 immediately and press 1 to get through to Africa Assist. Africa Assist will access your accident injuries and authorise according to your benefit and send a road or air ambulance to assist you. 2. Acknowledgement You may be asked to sign acknowledgement of the authorisation and cover provided under your benefits 3. Admission to Hospital The ambulance will take you to the closest Hospital / Trauma ward for treatment 4. Claim Submission The hospital will submit the claims to ShemMed and we will pay the providers directly according to the acknowledged benefit amount


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NOTE WELL: this is not a medical aid and is not intended to replace any current medical aid plans you may already have.

This is an insurance product that can be used as EXTRA cover for your 

medical aid, hospital plan OR can be used on its own.